The Capitol Archaeological Institute

The Capitol Archaeological Institute aims to protect and preserve cultural heritage through advocacy programs and initiatives by utilizing the multitude of diplomatic and governmental resources in the Washington, D.C. area. In addition, the Capitol Archaeological Institute serves to offer an academic setting that provides unique opportunities for students, academics and professionals through lecture series, academic programs, and research opportunities.

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Additional Reading Published by GWU

Anthropological Quarterly features the highest quality peer-reviewed articles in ethnography and anthropological theory. AQ is a forum for scholars within and outside the discipline of anthropology to add their voices to contemporary public debates. 

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Award-Winning Research and Teaching

Dr. Eric H. Cline was awarded the 2011-2012 Trachtenberg Prize for Teaching Excellence as a professor in the Classics, Anthropology, and History Departments.  This is his second Trachtenberg Prize; Dr. Cline is also a former winner of the Trachtenberg Prize for Scholarship, he is this first and only recipient of both the Trachtenberg Prize for Scholarship and the Trachtenberg Prize for Teaching Excellence, exhibiting his work as a testament of his dedication to both his students and the discipline of archaeology.  Congratulations to Eric Cline, the Winner of 2011-2012 Trachtenberg Prize for Teaching Excellence!

Eric H. Cline

Meet the Institute Director

Dr. Eric Cline is an experienced field archaeologist, with 28 seasons of excavation and survey to his credit since 1980. His primary fields of study are the military history of the Mediterranean world from antiquity to present and the international connections between Greece, Egypt, and the Near East during the Late Bronze Age.

Eric H. Cline

Protect Egypt Antiquities

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