The GW Capitol Archaeological Institute


Student in a t-shirt holding an ancient pot at the Megiddo archaeological site

George Washington University’s Capitol Archaeological Institute preserves cultural heritage around the world and offers hands-on research opportunities to students and academics.

Housed in GW's Columbian College of Arts and Sciences in downtown Washington, D.C., the institute advocates for cultural heritage by drawing on the many diplomatic and governmental resources available in the nation’s capital.

The Capitol Archaeological Institute brings together archaeologists and scholars with specialties ranging from Late Bronze Age trade to urbanism. They are experts in the study of human origins, the archaeology of the slave trade, early hominin tool use and much more.









Research in the Field

Interested in field opportunities? The Capitol Archaeological Institute conducts fieldwork expeditions in Historical, Maritime and Paleolithic archaeology.




David Braun, Alison Brooks, Stephen C. Lubkemann

Ancient Israel
Eric H. Cline, Elise Friedland

Alison Brooks

Eric H. Cline

Greece, Italy and the Classical World
Eric H. Cline, Elise Friedland and Andrew M. Smith



Andrew M. Smith, Elise Friedland

Maritime Archaeology
Stephen C. Lubkemann

Jeffrey P. Blomster

North America and Northern Atlantic
Susan Johnston

Andrew M. Smith