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The State Department, US Chamber of Commerce and the US - Egypt Business Council led the largest US business mission in history to Egypt from September 8-12 to promote greater investment and trade between the two countries.  Deborah Lehr, Chairman of the The Capitol Archaeological Institute (CAI), was invited to participate as a member of the delegation.  CAI is the leading partner of an international effort to work with the Egyptian government to support greater protection of the Egyptian antiquities and sites as well as promote tourism and create jobs.  The Delegation met with the new President and Prime Minister, who noted that the "new Egypt" is open for business. They stated that protection of their cultural heritage is a priority.  Lehr also met with the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Antiquities.


Forbes: Egypt Is Critical, So Let's Invest In The New Egypt

This recent op-ed in Forbes written by U.S. Chamber of Commerce Vice President for Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa, Lionel Johnson, and Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, Gamal Moraham, highlights the significance of Egypt's financial situation since the 2011 Revolution.  One of Egypt's biggest revenue generators is the tourism to its archaeological sites which has dropped significantly since January 2011, in addition the cultural heritage of Egypt has suffered looting, damage, and destruction. The protection of Egypt's cultural heritage is a critical factor in its economic development, the growth of tourism, and the safety of Egypt's national treasures.


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George Washington University Capitol Archaeological Institute's Initiative to Protect Egyptian Antiquities Institute Called on Government and Law Enforcement to Act

Eric H. Cline

Kudos (and two thumbs up!) to Dr. Eric Cline

Dr. Eric Cline, Director, who has won the BAS 2011 Publication Award for "Best Popular Book on Archaeology," for his book "Biblical Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction" (published by Oxford University Press, 2009). Dr. Cline was also selected to receive the prestigious 2011 Oscar and Shoshana Trachtenberg Prize for Faculty Scholarship.

CAI Affiliate, Sarah Parcak, named 2012 National Geographic Emerging Explorer

The GWU Capitol Archaeological Institute is pleased to congratulate our affiliate, Dr. Sarah Parcak, 2012 National Geographic Emerging Explorer!

"Sarah Parcak, an Egyptologist, is pioneering the young field of satellite archaeology, using futuristic tools to unlock secrets from the past and transform the way discoveries are made. "We're using satellites to help map and model cultural features that could never be seen on the ground because they're obscured by modernization, forests, or soil," she explains.